The First Step When Planning a Disney World Vacation
Step 1 to Planning Your Walt Disney World Vacation

The First Step When Planning a Disney World Vacation

Do you remember the exact moment you decided you were going to Walt Disney World? Did you imagine being whisked away in a pumpkin carriage with pixie dust trailing behind? Or did you have a slight panic attack as you remembered all your friends listing off everything you must do to prepare for this trip of a lifetime?

Unfortunately, the latter is a common response. Of course you are excited, but the planning tasks ahead can be daunting. That’s why it is so important to remember what the  March Hare so wisely says in Alice in Wonderland,

“Start at the beginning.”

Screen shot from showing where to create an account
The first step when planning a Walt Disney World vacation is to create an account on the website.

First, go to the Walt Disney World website and create an account. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have access to Disney’s planning portal, My Disney Experience. This is where you can do the following:

Link Disney Hotel Reservations

If you book your hotel directly through the Disney website, it will appear here automatically. If you are staying at a Disney hotel but reserved on a third party site, you may enter your reservation number here.

Link Disney Theme Park Tickets

If you purchase your tickets directly through the Disney website, they will appear here automatically. Otherwise, enter the number that is located on the back of each ticket.

Make FastPass+ Reservations

FastPass+ is a system that allows you to reserve a date and time for a ride, show, or character meeting. Each guest may reserve three rides or attractions for each day of a park ticket. Those staying at a Disney-owned hotel or a hotel with special Disney perks may do this 60 days in advance. All others may do this 30 days in advance. screenshot showing where to save an attraction to your Wish List
While exploring the attractions and experiences available at Walt Disney World, be sure to click the heart to add the ones that interest you to your Wish List. They will be saved on your My Disney Experience planning page.

Create A Wish List

With hundreds of experiences to choose from, your head might start spinning as you explore all your options! That is why you may save an attraction to your Wish List by clicking the heart icon on each attraction’s information page. This is a great way to narrow down the experiences that your family will enjoy the most.

Make An Itinerary

Once you make FastPass+ and dining reservations, they will show here, along with any experiences you saved for your dates. Many stage shows don’t offer FastPass+ reservations, but offer you the ability to add a show time to your itinerary for planning purposes.

My Disney Experience Mobile App

Once you’ve created your account, download the My Disney Experience app on your mobile device. This will allow you to do all of the above, plus see real-time wait times for attractions, use the mobile ordering feature for select restaurants, and more. The app will also allow you to cancel or modify any of your existing FastPass+ or dining reservations.

My Disney Experience Mobile App screenshot of how to download
Download the My Disney Experience Mobile App to access great planning features for your Disney vacation.

Congratulations on completing the first step! Quick and easy, right? Now you are ready to move on to Step 2: Choosing When To Go To Disney World. See you there!

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